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Ready to discover what possibilities will open up in your life when you start loving and accepting yourself?

I would love to support you in doing that!

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can’t imagine feeling acceptance for yourself?

It’s really okay and a great place to start!

Most people feel that way when we start working together. So, no worries if that is where you are.

Your ability to feel compassion may be overshadowed by old beliefs or by your physiological state.

it’s already there

When we are struggling, it is really hard to imagine feeling good about ourselves or love for ourselves.

This is normal. It isn’t a defect in you. When we are in stress things seem really bad. This is a function of what is happening in the brain and nervous system.

When you are in a stressed-out place, your nervous system and brain are simply running on different pathways which changes your perspective.

From those pathways, everything looks and feels bad. We feel a sense of danger.

The dragon facing us looks huge and feels scary. This state can start to feel normal and become our set-point. Symptoms related to being in a stress state start to show up.

And, the good news is that there is another way of seeing things right there inside of you.

You are simply disconnected from it.

Loving self-acceptance and compassion are the keys that reconnect you with perspective and your wisdom.

When we take that time to be there for ourselves with love and compassion,

when we move toward our discomfort or face our dragons, rather than avoiding it we can connect with our inner wisdom

even in the midst of stress and facing all of our dragons,

our system calms – shifting what is dominant in the body, brain and nervous system, and a whole different reality that shows up – it’s like the flipping of a switch.

We are able to look at our struggles with a new and different perspective and often things don’t feel quite as scary.

an endorsement from a physician - "patients who are reluctant about starting therapy feel safe, supported and understood under her guidance."

I’d love to help you rebuild or strengthen that connection with your inner wisdom through compassion and acceptance.

who would benefit from this work

The answer to this is really, anyone! And, I do limit my practice to working with adults.

Some of the signs that you are disconnected from your inner wisdom and might benefit, include:

  • anxiety
  • depression
  • struggles with food and weight or body image
  • people-pleasing or finding it hard to be yourself in relationships
  • stress-related health issues
  • difficulty handling the stress of life
moving toward our struggles helps us to turn them into gifts or resources

In my work, I help people see the importance of turning toward these struggles rather than away from them so that they can get in touch with the message and what is needed.

In this way, symptoms become gifts or resources rather than problems.

Ways to work with me

I may be living out in the wilds of Montana and we can still work together either through my online classes or through telepsychology (remote therapy).

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